22° Halo

With 22° Halo, Lea Maria Fries dares to delve into the emotional breadths and depths of classic jazz singing, in which she also incorporates her own personal ingredients, idiosyncrasies and modulations. Raised in the town of Schötz in the canton of Lucerne, she completed a master course of studies at the jazz schools of Lucerne and Zürich and already blazed her own trail in performance early on in her career. She navigated the urban-pulsing sound cosmos of modern electro-pop in the trio Vsitor, where her voice has a delightfully airy effect. With 22° Halo, she is more exposed as a singer and has become a genuine frontwoman. With Marc Méan, she has a melodically and harmonically propelled pianist at her side with wonderful phrasing. The rhythm section with Xaver Rüegg and Valentin Liechti has also internalised the transparent, delicate aura of the compositions and holds the music under tension with their accentuations.

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Lea Maria Fries
Marc Méan
Xaver Rüegg
Valentin Liechti