Acid Amazonians

Girls just wanna have W-LAN.

If you’re thinking of Charlie’s Angels, you’re in for a treat. Behind the Acid Amazonians, there are no Hollywood chicks but three raw grrrl power representatives with their own opinions and a good dose of rmze-pmze flowing in their veins. None of the performances of these three superpowered artists is alike. So any projections and prophecies are completely unnecessary: the emphasis is on improvisation, and everything else is left to chance – like the applause at the big bang or the rubbish lying around in space. Why? Because things can be done differently!

Acid Amazonians online




Franziska Staubli
Rada Leu
Dorothea Mildenberger
voc, g, elec
voc, synth, elec
voc, vc, elec