BassDrumBone have re-emerged on the international scene this year with a meaty new double album (including guests Jason Moran and Joe Lovano). 40 years of playing experience set this high-class trio apart. Like drummer Gerry Hemingway of the Lucerne School of Music, Mark Helias and Ray Anderson are also wide-ranging musical personalities. In the trio, the three friends expand far beyond the scope of conventional improvisation. Trance-like listening communication and interaction keeps the music open at all times, even in its composed parts. The trio succeeds in keeping formal precision, thematic manoeuvrability and organic flow on one compelling track. The three musicians have already played in Willisau many times, both as BassDrumBone and in various other configurations. All the better: their current music has lost none of its freshness and enthusiasm.

Mark Helias
Gerry Hemingway
Ray Anderson

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