Big Zis

Highly political, urgent, groovy: Big Zis has been on stage for a quarter of a century, with four albums, five EPs, hundreds of concerts and over 30 video clips under her belt. The artist’s charisma reaches far beyond the boundaries of music: she is a leading figure both in the rap scene and in feminist terms. Her humorous and often provocative lyrics have often struck a chord over the years; because of this and her unsparing honesty, she has always caused offence. Live, Zis and her band deliver a concentrated load of energy. Big Zis is on the road with Luca Ramella on the drums, Ruedi Tobler, aka, on the keyboards and Jonas Häni on electronics. Most of the music live is improvised; together, they mix a danceable brew of beats to produce a mighty load of rap.




Big Zis
Luca Ramella
Ruedi Tobler
Jonas Häni