This quartet has been playing with the same line-up since 2004. The four maniacs create music which incorporates rhythms from all over the world. The band sees itself as a melting pot in which their own musical socialisation passionately mixes with influences from other cultures: a bit like how salsa arose in the Americas back in the 60s as a conglomerate of various Caribbean styles of music. Equipped with the instruments of a jazz quartet, the band operates with the spirit of 70s and 80s, which left a big impression on all band members. ChaChaMania celebrates instrumental music with charged solos, psychedelic soundscapes and trancey grooves. The musicians play with the manoeuvrability and interactiveness of modern jazz musicians and purvey a refreshingly easy-going, cosmopolitan and undogmatic treatment of many different musical traditions.

ChaChaMania online

Michael Bucher
Peter Wagner
Patrik Sommer
Kaspar Rast