Fredy Studer Solo

At the zenith of an impressively variegated career, Fredy Studer is reducing his arsenal of equipment down to the bare minimum and getting back to the basics. Studer by himself on drums is truly a thing to behold. This is a person who has studied the very substance of groove and noise down to the last detail. These are the two opposing poles which the drummer is interested in when playing solo, and he brings them together into a relationship which is rich in musical tension. Studer is one of the big Swiss drummers who has made an international name for himself – a pioneer who combined groove and open improvisation at a very early stage. Equally broad is his musical spectrum, which he has sounded out with bands of his own as well as from «A» as in «John Abercrombie» to «Z» as in «John Zorn». His accomplishments have been documented on over a hundred records. And now he’ll be performing a live debut of a brand new one: on his 27th appearance in Willisau, it’s worth pointing out. «Now’s the Time» is the name of his solo project. Now is today – the timing couldn’t be better.

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