Hailing from western Switzerland, this quartet unites composed structures and improvisation with lyrics which are sung, spoken, mashed-up and noise-laden. Working with voice and electronics, Antoine Läng is the right performer for the mix. The electro-acoustic direction these experimental “Innläändders” take is interspersed with the paradoxes and emotions of dreamy visions. Atmospheric sounds, contemporary pop song relics and rocky excursions liven the music up. Versatile pianist and composer Michel Wintsch has made a name for himself with WWW (WintschWeberWolfarth), bassist Raphaël Ortis is a member of the jazz trio Plaistow, while Bernhard Trontin is renowned as the drummer of The Young Gods.

Antoine Läng
Michel Wintsch
Raphaël Ortis
Bernard Trontin
p, synth


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