Pascal Gamboni & Rees Coray

This music gives you a relaxed tap on the shoulder and seems to tell you: «Come, we’re heading out, there’s still a lot to see in this world.» The duo plays fleet-footed songs which tell stories in Rhaeto-Romanic and English. Pure acoustic, low-fi, no technical frills. The two Rhaeto-Romans Pascal Gamboni and Rees Coray have made their way around the Swiss lowlands and have enriched the scene for a long time now. Trained jazz bassist Rees Coray is also well-known as a member of the Lucerne indie band Hanreti. Hailing from Sedrun, singer/songwriter Pascal Gamboni now lives in Berne, after stays in Austria, Bristol and London. He made quite a splash with his refined album «La Ventira». Others know him as the musical accompanist of author Arno Camenisch. As a duo, they always pick up a good head of steam with their songs, which never fail to create a cheerful atmosphere.

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