Silvan Schmid Quintet

Alongside American Jaimie Branch (34), Silvan Schmid (31) of Zürich is another interesting trumpet voice in the young generation at the festival. His lyrical sound unfurls with precise power, while he is also a striking voice in free passages. This spectrum also manifests itself on the debut album «At Gamut» (Hat Hut Records), which he released this spring with his young Zürich quintet. The band, which promising saxophonist Tapiwa Svosve also takes part in, focuses on idiosyncratic tonal colours and compositional rough edges which are glued together with improvisation. Schmid studied in Zürich and Dresden with Till Brönner, Daniel Schenker and Matthieu Michel. He is co-founder of the Gamut collective in Zürich, where he also organises concerts. In addition to his own projects, he is a member of Blöchlinger Revisited and Wood & Brass, the new formation of trumpeter Hans Kennel. This can be heard in the Intimities series at the festival.

Silvan Schmid Quintet online

Silvan Schmid
Tapiwa Svosve
Silvan Jeger
Carl Ludwig Hübsch
Vincent Glanzmann


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