Tiger Trio

Tiger Trio, the inspired union of pianist Myra Melford, bassist Joëlle Léandre and flutist Nicole Mitchell, brings an uncommon lucidity to the art of spontaneous composition.

“Even were the names not gracing the cover, there would be no mistaking the individual voices cultivated by these musicians for so many years: the unmistakably beautiful piano sonorities with which Myra Melford opens “Compassion”; the first notes of “Courage” for a taste of how integrated flute and voice are in Nicole Mitchell’s conception; or the harmonic soaked bass rumblings of Joëlle Léandre slamming “Reflection” into high gear as points of individual reference. More often than not, however, it is a kind of melding, a spontaneous and lightning-fast merging of creative intuition, which propels this music beyond improvisational exercise into the realms of true dialogue. Here is a supergroup if ever one existed, captured in full flight, or, given the group’s name, in purr, growl and roar. “ (New York City Jazz Record, Jan 2020)


Nicole Mitchell
Myra Melford
Joelle Leandre